About Me

Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada during a cross Canada roadtrip with friends.

Hello, I'm Reagan 👋 Pronounced ray·gn



  • Born & raised in Ontario, Canada
  • Mechnical keyboard packrat
  • Self-improvement nut
  • Video game nerd
  • Hip-hop head


  • Graphic Design at Cambrian College
  • Worked as a designer
  • Moved to web development
  • Taught as a part-time professor
  • Partner & Director of Digital at Studio123

Longer version

Graduated from Graphic Design at Cambrian College. The program really opened my eyes to the world of design and the impact it can have in human lives. At the time, the design course also included a web class which rekindled my love for the web.

Designer and developer. After graduating from college, I realized the value someone with the skillset of a designer and developer could provide, and I also really enjoyed the web development aspect. I wanted to keep both these skills sharp and improve as much as I could so I continued to learn web development while working as a designer and eventually switched to development.

Part-time professor. While working as a developer and designer, I had the opportunity to go back and teach some classes as a part time professor. It was a great experience and I’m glad I took the opportunity. After teaching for about two years, I decided to put a hold on teaching for the time being and focus on my career. I do think I’ll return to teaching in the future though.

Partner and Director of Digital at Studio123. After working at Studio123 for 5 years, I got the chance to become a partner and the director of digital. I'm really excited to take on this next chapter in my career and help grow the capacity and expertise of the development team at Studio123.