My name is Reagan (pronounced R AI g uh n). I am a designer and developer from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.



I graduated from the Graphic Design program at Cambrian College. The program features a web design and development course which re-kindled my love for coding after a long hiatus of creating websites when I was younger (how else was I supposed to make my Piczo site pop?).

I realized the tremendous amount of value I could bring being able to provide skills in both design and development in digital projects. After graduating, I decided I wanted to continue self-teaching and pushing myself towards working as a developer and designer hybrid. Not too long after graduating I got an opportunity to work at Studio123 and I haven't looked back.



I work as a part-time professor at Cambrian College teaching about web design and development in the Graphic Design program. It's been such a fantastic opportunity to go back and teach the same courses I went through not too long ago.



Often (okay... you caught me, not that often) people ask me about my keyboard and why it's so small. Right now for both work and home, I use a POK3R by Vortex which is a 60% keyboard. The first thing people notice is that its quite a compact keyboard (No F-keys, no arrow keys and no numpad). Now I'm not going to try and convince you to go by a mechanical keyboard but there are many reasons why mechanical keyboards work better for me. One of those being that as a nerdy designer it is very fun to customize my keyboard right down to the look, feel and sound of it.